The Two-Four: Therrien vs. Subban

The Two-Four Available on iTunes

The Two-Four
Available on iTunes

Guess what? PK Subban was the main topic of conversation on this week’s edition of The Two-Four. Sean weighs in first, fresh of seeing Montreal lose live in Kanata, and Zach sends word from Mexico. No one smokes any crack, regardless of the drunken stuporing. It’s not like we’re Leafs fans.

2 thoughts on “The Two-Four: Therrien vs. Subban

  1. Thanks guys for commenting on the PK/Therrien relationship! I was good to hear two sides of the coin on that matter. I think we could talk for hours about this as we are passionate about our team and PK. I’ve got a good feeling for this week. Cheers

    • True enough I don’t deasgrie, but I thought that Bergevin shouldn’t have contradicted himself so many times throughout the presser.It’s true that he didn’t need to run down the stat sheet pointing out everything wrong with Gomez’, but to make such a blatantly false comment that it has nothing to do with his game was rather silly.I don’t blame the whole fiasco on Gomez either (as you know from all my Gomez supportive posts over the past two years), because had he been signed for the right dollars, he might still be a worthy Canadien.

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