Round 1 – Game 6 – Habs Lose 3-1 and are done – The Recency Bias

It’s over and Zach is here to declare the season a resounding disappointment. The Canadiens should have been better than six games and done in the 2017 Stanley Cup playoffs, but they weren’t. So now what? What does the future hold for players like Galchenyuk, Beaulieu, Radulov, Plekanec? Does Carey Price deserve any of the blame for the first round failure? This and more on the final episode of The Recency Bias this season.

Round 1 – Game 5: Habs Lose 3-2 in OT – The Recency Bias

Zach feels the Canadiens have failed to put New York away when they’ve had the chance and now the lingering Rangers have taken a 3-2 series lead.  Your Montreal Canadiens looked deflated after Skjei tied things at 2 near the end of the second period and the visitors took things their way from there on into OT. So what do the Habs need to do now?

Round 1 – Game 4: Habs Lose 2-1 – The Recency Bias

The New York Rangers were the hungrier team in Game 4 and it showed. Needing a win to avoid going back to Montreal down 3-1, the Rangers came out gunning and outplayed the Habs through three periods to even the series up, using blunders by Andrei Markov and Max Pacioretty, among several others, to make this now a best of three series.

The Most Underwhelming NHL Season

This episode is mainly focused on recapping the meh regular season that was, and hating on Toronto, Boston, Ottawa, the NHL, the IOC, and billionaires. We’re light on bits in this one because we’re simplifying our podcasting game for the playoffs! P.S. The sound issues get resolved at the 13-minute mark!