Podcast Past The Noise

At the quarter mark of the season the gents podcast past the noise and get to the content that tells us where we truly are this season with bits like Markov Instagram, 76 v 6, The Best Skater In The World, Hmmm… Are They For Real?, Controversial Opinions, The Mid-Podcast Interview, Confession, Should We Be Concerned About This?, You Get One, and The Positive Space. Plus a closer look at  Hasek’s 1998-1999 Stanley Cup Final team.

Game 17: Habs Lose To Panthers 4-3 In OT – The Recency Bias

Carey Price had the rare off night and a couple bad breaks cost the Canadiens on Tuesday night. There was good news with Max Pacioretty scoring a goal for the second time in three games. Is he possibly starting to find his rhythm? Zach discusses all that, plus his wedding details, on this episode of the morning after mini-pod.



Game 15: Habs Beat Red Wings 5-0 – The Recency Bias

The Canadiens have now won 10 in a row at home to start the season as Carey Price posts his second shutout of the season. Weber found the back of the net yet again, as did Danault, Shaw, Pacioretty and Byron.  Zach breaks down what he thinks the biggest difference between Subban and Weber is on the powerplay and is confused as to why the Byron goal didn’t count on this episode of the mini-pod.

Game 14: Habs Beat Kings 4-1 – The Recency Bias

The Canadiens put up their best performance of the season in Peter Budaj’s return to Montreal. The Habs outplayed the Kings and Price bailed the boys out when they needed as Byron, Carr, Danault and Galchenyuk scored in the Habs 4-1 victory. Zach breaks it down and says farewell to Montreal legend Leonard Cohen.