An Unearned Arrogance

The big show is back baby! Sean and Zach returned to the podcast this week to talk about  our oddly assembled Montreal Canadiens, the struggling Ottawa Senators, the high-water mark of the Marc Bergevin era, Alex Galchenyuk and Montreal’s tradition of chasing players out of town, and the dark future of the Habs. Plus, new bits like ‘Subban’s Celebrity Selfies’ +  ‘Learn to Love the Lockout’ + ‘The Forbidden Price Conversation,’ as well as an important update from Wrangler Jeans.

Game 30: Habs Lose to Flames 3-2 (OT) – The Recency Bias:

Your Habs bad-luck-charm is back with RabidHabs Deputy Editor Ian Boisvert sitting in for Zach. The Habs picked up a point against the Flames, but after taking a lead into the third, it probably should have been two. Galchenyuk’s playing time is becoming an issue, and Claude Julien’s overtime strategy is costing the Habs points.

Game 29: Habs Lose to Blues 4-3 – The Recency Bias

For the first time since Carey Price’s return some six games ago, your Montreal Canadiens lost. St. Louis Blues had lost three-straight coming into this one and they looked like they wanted it. It was an entertaining contest, but in the end the Habs fell just short thanks to an ugly bounce goal the Blues. Still a big night for the Man Mountain though.

Game 27: Habs Beat Red Wings 6-3 – The Recency Bias

The Habs were without Weber and Drouin for this second game in as many nights, but  your Montreal Canadiens just keep rolling, winning their 4th straight since Carey Price’s return, playing themselves back into a playoff spot, for the night at least. Gallagher now has 12 goals on the season and Patches had himself a 4-point night in the beat down in Motown.