Game 46: Habs Lose 4-1 To Penguins – The Recency Bias

What’s wrong with Carey? What’s wrong with the Habs overall? It hasn’t been a great week so far for your Montreal Canadiens, who have now dropped 3 of 4 and look lifeless at the moment. On today’s morning after mini-pod, Zach wonders if the return of Galchenyuk and Shaw has caused the Canadiens to take their foot off the gas a little.

Hey, Did You Hear About This?

The gents are back for their first pod of 2017 and they’ve got plenty of bits to get through and old controversies to rehash. If you miss Price v Halak, the Scott Gomez trade, re-sign Kovalev, and other greatest hits Habs arguments, then this episode is for you! Bits include Hey, Take It Outside; 76v6; Confession; The Greatest Skater; Vegas, Baby; Mid-Pod Interview; The Controversial Opinion; and The Positive Space.

Game 43: Habs Lose To Wild 7-1 – The Recency Bias

Ouch.  What was rumblings has become a roar as everyone wonders what’s wrong with the formerly infallible Carey Price.  One night after scoring a touchdown against the Jets the Habs let the Wild score seven on them in ugly fashion. Zach tries (and fails) to take something away from this one on today’s mini-pod.