Game 30: Habs Lose to Flames 3-2 (OT) – The Recency Bias:

Your Habs bad-luck-charm is back with RabidHabs Deputy Editor Ian Boisvert sitting in for Zach. The Habs picked up a point against the Flames, but after taking a lead into the third, it probably should have been two. Galchenyuk’s playing time is becoming an issue, and Claude Julien’s overtime strategy is costing the Habs points.

The Two-Four: The Rash

As the Canadiens head to Western Canada, Sean and Zach settled into their chairs and tried to find something to complain about in the Habs strong start. At least there’s always Milan Lucic. And as usual the boys answer all the important questions and plenty of that don’t matter. Where do the Habs rank overall in the NHL? Which Hab would you like to trick-or-treat with? It’s The Two-Four!

The Two-Four: The Boris Yeltsin Memorial Cup

Four games in and everyone is overreacting to everything. That means the Habs are back! With the home opener looming against the Bruins, Sean and Zach take a look back at Montreal’s opening road trip that left them with a 3-1-0 record and a black hole for a powerplay. Could the Sabres beat the best KHL team? Is Subban trying to do too much? Is Gilbert the problem? All these questions and more answered. It’s The Two-Four!

The Two-Four: Big Corporate Lovin’

We’re back! And so are the Habs for the 2014-2015 NHL season. Sean and Zach dip back into the warm, possibly urine tainted hot tub waters that are The Two-Four podcast for this season preview edition. Even though it was recorded in a laundry room (which explains the echo chamber vibe), the boys don’t mess around on this one, kicking off this season starting edition of The 12 Pack with the big one: Can this version of the Habs win the Stanley Cup? It’s The Two-Four!

The Two-Four: The Subban Sessions

Oh what a roller coaster of emotions these last few days have been for Habs fans. In the minutes before Sean & Zach were slated to unleash an MB burning, Subban worshiping rhapsody for the ages, the Canadiens and #76 inked a $72-million, eight-year deal that quickly turned those frowns upside down. Once the celebrations calmed, they recorded this podcast. It’d be a lie to claim it isn’t mostly Subban chatter. On the other hand, that’s pretty much fair to say of every episode of this damn thing. It’s The Two-Four!

The Two-Four: Goodbye Gorgeous

Like true Montrealers, Brian Gionta and Josh Gorges mark Canada Day by making it moving day as the Habs part ways with some locker room leaders and bring in UFAs Gilbert and Malhotra while trading Briere for Paranteau. Sean and Zach might be the only two guys left lamenting the loss of Vanek, but lament they do. So while you all lounge at the cottage, the boys take it hard to the mic for your listening pleasure. It’s The Two-Four: July 1st edition.

The Two-Four: Therrien vs. Subban

The Two-Four Available on iTunes

The Two-Four
Available on iTunes

Guess what? PK Subban was the main topic of conversation on this week’s edition of The Two-Four. Sean weighs in first, fresh of seeing Montreal lose live in Kanata, and Zach sends word from Mexico. No one smokes any crack, regardless of the drunken stuporing. It’s not like we’re Leafs fans.