The Two-Four: Hot Take Inception

Carey Price. Carey Price. Carey Price. Carey Price. Is there anything else even worth talking about these days? Sean and Zach try on this one, debating whether or not Lundqvist gets the net back from Talbot in New York, questioning whether or not the Bruins will make the playoffs, and calling Mario Tremblay an asshole. Plus, the big question: Is Price having the greatest season in NHL goalie history? It’s The Two-Four!

The Two-Four: The Tantric Trade Deadline

In an attempt to get Patrick Sharp to sue them for libel, the boys go off the rails a little in this one. Keith Yandle gets traded halfway through the episode, hockey wives are discussed, Jaroslav Halak is given some credit, and the likelihood of Jared Tinordi having played his last game with the Habs is debated. Plus, your regular generous serving of Price, Patches and PK. It’s The Two-Four!

“Just push play baby” – Patrick Sharp


The Two-Four: The Next Sacrificial Virgin in Toronto

The 2014-2015 All-Star squads have been named, which means it’s time for some unnecessary hand wringing! Plus, Stupid Phil Kessel, Montreal’s struggles against the Lightning, the value of coaching, and the Hart Trophy front runners: Rinne, Price, Getzlaf, Nash, Seguin, Crosby. Who you got? Oh yeah, and The National! It’s The Two-Four!

The Two-Four: Ladies of ’02

From “Thank You Saku” to “Screw you ref!” and Carey’s Christmas gift to Ottawa, Sean and Zach dig into Montreal’s last couple of games against the Ducks and Sens and – for once- leave Edmonton alone for a whole podcast. Who’s more likely to catch the Habs; the Leafs or the Bruins? Can DD make it as a winger? More of an impact: Sekac or Parenteau? Plus, Marchand-ing the Gainey haters, giving props to the first line and examining the fall of the Flames. It’s The Two-Four!

The Two-Four: Errrbody Got Mumps

As the mumps make their way around the NHL, Sean and Zach get into Montreal’s logjam at centre (What would it take for you to trade Plekanec?), the deep troubles in Edmonton, the legitimacy of the Leafs, NHL expansion and Beliveau’s seat. Plus, another round of Lars or Desharnais, trading Price and Subban for McDavid (as suggested by Damien Cox), plus Dallas Eakins’ unbuttoned shirt. It’s The Two-Four!

The Two-Four: The Quarterly Report

The Canadiens have hit the quarter point of the season and did so with some solid wins over tough competition. Rene Bourque has been shipped to Anaheim, the Bruins are banged up, the Leafs failed to salute, and Lucic got one-punched. Sean and Zach talk Weise, Patches and Subban’s Sports Illustrated cover, plus the so-called conspiracy against Gallagher. It’s The Two-Four!