2 thoughts on “The Two-Four: Jan. 13th

  1. Interesting article in Sportsnet Magazine today titled: Inside the long, pathetic fall of the once great Canadiens Empire. More to come after I finish reading it!

  2. So I am reading this article in Sportsnet Magazine about the decades-long decline of the Habs. I started with the prejudice that this was another reporter spewing nonsense but was surprised by the truth of this article. I don’t know about you but I remember the last night at the Forum. The last night the Habs were relevant. The torch was passed to Richard, the fans screamed and clapped til they were hoarse. And a magnificent era of hockey came to an end. Remember when management fired Demers and Savard? Remember how they didn’t name a replacement and when they did, they picked two men who had no management or coaching experience? They were replaced by Mario Tremblay and Ronald Corey. Since that time, management has made an effort to have a bilingual coach and the quality of management in Montreal has steadily declined! It’s no longer about who is best qualified to win games. That has taken second place to being able to speak French… What good is a bilingual coach if the players don’t respect him and he can’t win games? (Tremblay is the perfect example) Montreal needs a face to carry this organization. They need a Crosby or a Toews. Somebody who can bring the life back to this declining franchise. I will always be a Habs fan but management needs to look in the mirror and realise that they are the virus that is killing this storied franchise. PK is the right kind of guy but I am worried that the Montreal journalists are forcing him into a cut-and-dried mold of what an NHL player is SUPPOSED to look like. I’m worried he might find better money and peace of mind somewhere else…

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