The Two-Four: March 26th


The first dominoes have begun to fall as we approach the NHL’s trade deadline so Sean and Zach toss around trade theories from the logical to the highly unlikely, discuss Montreal’s sub-par week and what it could mean for the daunting week ahead and muse on the big questions such as: Is Alex Kovalev a Hall of Famer? It’s The Two-Four!

The Two-Four: March 26th

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The Two-Four: March 2nd

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It’s certainly unexpected, but the Habs are still a first place team in the East. This weekend is a HUGE test as they meet with the arguable Beasts of the East with Pittsburgh and Boston on the schedule. Sean and Zach break down expectations, talk Ryder for Cole and prognosticate for the first time. Kyle Roussel also jumps in with his thoughts on all things Canadiens. Plus a new theme song!

The Two-Four: March 2nd