Game 51: Habs lose 2-0 to Hurricanes – The Recency Bias

Rabid Habs Deputy Editor Ian Boisvert fills in for Zach to talk about the Habs 2-0 loss to Carolina. The Habs have a knack for playing in some pretty boring games, Jeff Petry and Daniel Carr looked okay, and the Habs can’t seem to do anything right. And some Whalers love! This is The Recency Bias.

Game 49: Habs Lose 6-5 to Hurricanes – The Recency Bias

A wild contest at the Bell Centre saw your Montreal Canadiens repeatedly claw back into a game they looked like they were going to lose only to continuously watch it all slip away again immediately.  It wasn’t a well played game by an means, but the last one before the All Star break was undeniably entertaining.



Game 46: Habs Beat Capitals 3-2 – The Recency Bias

Claude Julien challenged his team to prove they hadn’t quit after a lackluster effort in Boston and your Montreal Canadiens responded impressively with a solid win against the high flying Washington Capitals. Pacioretty had a multi-goal game, Drouin made up for mistakes, Mete looks like the junior tournament paid off, and the Habs take a win on the road on a night where the Montreal Canadiens said good-bye to the legendary Red Fisher.