Game 51: Habs lose 2-0 to Hurricanes – The Recency Bias

Rabid Habs Deputy Editor Ian Boisvert fills in for Zach to talk about the Habs 2-0 loss to Carolina. The Habs have a knack for playing in some pretty boring games, Jeff Petry and Daniel Carr looked okay, and the Habs can’t seem to do anything right. And some Whalers love! This is The Recency Bias.

The Recency Bias: Game 19 – Habs Lose to Blue Jackets 2-1 (OT)

Sergei Bobrovsky was really good, Alex Galchenyuk continues to surprise, and Claude Julien sticks to his guns in overtime. Ian Boisvert talks about a few positives and one big negative to take away from the Habs 2-1 overtime loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets.

The Recency Bias: Game 17 – Wild Beat Habs 3-0

Zach is taking some time off, so deputy editor Ian Boisvert steps in to cover the post-game mini-pod. Jason Zucker scores a hat trick for Minnesota as the Wild take this one 3-0. The Habs are having issues with injuries, video review, and making average goalies look great.