Peak Blinders

A 10-0 loss to the Blue Jackets is the lone blemish on your Montreal Canadiens record so far this season, but oh what a blemish it is. Can the Habs sustain their winning ways despite playing poor hockey? If Price continues playing like Peak Price, then maybe we can ignore everything else. This week’s bits include ‘Markov Instagram Interpretations,’ ‘Controversial Opinions,’ ‘The Mid-Podcast Interview,’ ‘The Positive Space’ and, of course, ‘Who Is Winning The PK-for-Weber Trade This Week?’ Plus, Sean reveals his banking passwords and Zach tells Gretzky to take it down a notch! This is The Montreal Bias: Peak Blinders.



One thought on “Peak Blinders

  1. More Mike Babcock imitations, s.v.p! Hilarious. Maybe a regular-ish spot called Mike’s moment…? Thanks as always for the entertainment guys!

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