Game 73: Habs Lose 2-1 to Red Wings in OT – The Recency Bias

Alvaro Montoya got the start after a big weekend and your Montreal Canadiens lacked urgency as they fell to the last place Red Wings on Tuesday night. They managed to push this one to OT, but no-showed in the bonus frame and that was enough to deliver the win for the Wings. All the same, Zach feels okay about the Habs on this podcast.

Game 69: Habs Beat Oilers 4-1 – The Recency Bias

It seemed like the Habs were destined to lose this one 1-0 until they didn’t. Paul Byron played the hero again in a night the Canadiens were the better team, but needed all 60 minutes to prove it. This one had a bit of everything including Steve Ott eyes, a solid tilt, and late game heroics as the Habs now prepare to spend most of the rest of March at home.

Hockey Beard Power Rankings

The gents are back this week to talk about PK Subban’s return to Montreal, the lackluster NHL trade deadline, and out of breath Phil Kessel. Big bonus: Mark Greczmiel, director of the California Golden Seals Story documentary, drops in to chat about making the movie. This week’s bits include Speaking of Beards; 76v6; The Greatest Skater in the World; The Wrangler Jeans Ad; Will Carey Retire as a Hab?; Canadiens Fan Fiction; Confession; The Mid-Podcast Interview; Controversial Opinion, and The Positive Space.

Game 68: Habs Lose 5-0 to Flames – The Recency Bias

Your Montreal Canadiens were outplayed in every way on Thursday night in Calgary. Alvaro “Al” Montoya had to step in to fill in for a sick Carey Price and the rest of the Habs line-up looked like they were under the weather too as the Flames extended their winning streak to 8 games at the expense of the Habs streak.