The Morning After: Halaked – The Obvious Result

Despite my tweet last night stating that I would not be turning on the Internet today, I am in fact on the Internet. I’m just desperately trying to avoid the inevitable Halak talk.

Sometimes I believe life is scripted. Of course Halak gets a shutout…of course!

Unfortunately I was at the game. Fortunately I was in Club Desjardins and gorged myself on food. A rundown of my menu? A smoked meat sandwich, 2 hot dogs, a pizza, fries, a couple bites of nachos (started slowing down at this point) and half a pretzel.

Yes – I did feel sick. No – I won’t be doing that again. Call it Newbie Fever, but when I got up to the counter to order, I just didn’t stop. I also blame my game guest. He was the catalyst for consumption.

Why am I talking about food? Because I can’t bear to discuss what happened last night.


A f*%king SHUTOUT?!

There were TWO moments last night when I felt enthusiasm for something other than free food:

  1. PK’s hip check – that got the crowd going
  2. Ummm… I actually can’t think of a second moment.

Nothing was connecting last night. Not a pass, not a shot, not anything.

Okay… enough of my pointlessly blabbing about nothing. Instead let us look to the future. I’m back on the draft-pick bandwagon, and have taken an unhealthy interest in this year’s top prospects.

I figure we pick between 5th and 8th: here are a few names I wouldn’t mind seeing on the back of a Habs jersey (notice all the big centres):

Those 5 names are in no particular order and I got them from basically typing in “best 2012 nhl draft prospects” and then I looked for any top names that weren’t defensemen or under 6’0″ (which sadly, is the methodology I feel Habs scouts should start using).

In the next few posts, I’ll do a bit more research and start focusing blog posts on these guys. Just in case…

– Stephanie Darwish

Stephanie Darwish writes for, where this article first appeared. She can also be heard on our podcast – The Two-Four – as well as Wednesdays from 2:30 to 2:45 of CJAD 800 AM in Montreal.

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3 thoughts on “The Morning After: Halaked – The Obvious Result

  1. The Desjardins section is great, isn’t it? The one time I sat there, my menu looked much as yours did. This was many years ago when Hackett was still in goal, and I’m still bitter that nobody told that the first food items to go were the Felix & Norton cookies.

    As for the prospects you wanted? I’d take any of them. The best way to get them? Kidnap Carey Price, because he alone is good enough to keep the Habs away from those blue-chip guys!

    • I’m still sick from all I ate last night. I will be a little more cautious next time around :)

      I think even with Price playing lights out, we are still going to have at the very least a top 8 pick. I’m hoping all the other teams go for the highly touted defensemen in the group and leave a big forward for the Habs. I’m gonna cry all the way into 2013 if we pick a defensemen and not a big forward.

      • You’re right – the Habs should focus on drafting big forwards in this draft. They have enough defensemen in the pipeline, but there are virtually no legit top-6 forwards coming – and certainly none with any of the size that the team has seemingly gone to great lengths to avoid.

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