This Is Not a Time For Joy

Darkness. Your Montreal Canadiens are staring into the abyss and nobody seems to know what to do about it. Michel Therrien still has a job, for now. Carey Price is skating, at least. And the whole hockey world is wondering: what’s up with the Habs? Sean and Zach also tackle the Drouin Situation, the Canadian dollar drag on the NHL,  the acquisition of All-Star Captain John Scott, and Zach argues that the Canadiens need to trade for Dustin Byfuglien… yet again. This is The Montreal Bias!

The One Ill Factor

This week on the podcast the gents talk about the Galchenyuk incident, firing Michel Therrien, and the Habs identity loss issues. Plus, Karlsson for Hart, Luongo for Vezina, Subban’s swear words, and important sports lessons learned courtesy of the NFL playoffs. If you’re looking for positive vibes, you’ve come to the wrong place this week, friendo. This is The Montreal Bias!

Call The Funk Dead

Brendan Gallagher is back baby! The Canadiens KO’d the Bruins in Foxboro and Jonathan Drouin wants out of Tampa Bay. Talking the rise of the Florida Panthers, the Kassian-Scrivens trade, Captain John Scott and fears about Carey Price. And Ian Boisvert stops by for a chat and the gents rank the Habs’ most irreplaceable players . This is The Montreal Bias!

Star Wars (or A Lonely Island of Competent Hockey in a Sea of Misery)

Taking a page out of Wilco’s playbook, we’re going to go ahead and just call this podcast Star Wars, because it seems no one cares about anything else anyway these days. Speaking of alt-folk-country bands, or something like that, as the Counting Crows once said; it’s been a long December. The absence of Price and Gallagher is taking its toll and the Canadiens are losing, a lot. Can they bounce back any time soon? Is Johansen coming to Montreal? Is Stamkos bolting Tampa? It’s The Montreal Bias!