Grower, Not A Show-er

Though your Montreal Canadiens were without Carey Price this week, it could hardly be argued that they missed him all that much. The Habs maintained their high-flying ways with Condon in nets, The Legend of Dutch Gretzky grows, the Hall of Fame welcomed a new class,  and the boys debate which current Habs might be someday headed to the Hockey Hall of Fame. This is The Montreal Bias!


Too Beautiful For This World

The Canadiens are without Carey Price for the week. Can Condon hold the fort in his absence? Can the Canadiens hold top spot in the Atlantic the entire season? Will we see Semin again any time soon? Plus, Connor McDavid is hella good, Grantland gets shut downs, and Michel Therrien may have evolved. This is The Montreal Bias.

The Best Start In Franchise History

The Habs are off to their best start in franchise history, which means there isn’t much complaining on this one. Plekanec has been inked for two more years, Galchenyuk looks good up the middle, even the power play found some success against the Red Wings. Oh yeah, and Carey Price is still Carey Price. This team looks pretty damn good. This is The Montreal Bias!

Mrs. Price Does NOT Have A Neck Tattoo

It’s the season preview edition! Who is going to win the West? How about the East? Do the Canadiens have a shot at the Stanley Cup? Also, Kassian gets in an early morning car accident, Fleischmann makes the most of his PTO, and Condon looks convincing. The season is about to start, so hurry up and listen to the show. This is The Montreal Bias!