The Two-Four: Errrbody Got Mumps

As the mumps make their way around the NHL, Sean and Zach get into Montreal’s logjam at centre (What would it take for you to trade Plekanec?), the deep troubles in Edmonton, the legitimacy of the Leafs, NHL expansion and Beliveau’s seat. Plus, another round of Lars or Desharnais, trading Price and Subban for McDavid (as suggested by Damien Cox), plus Dallas Eakins’ unbuttoned shirt. It’s The Two-Four!

The Forum: Centre Fold

While it’s only been a few games, it’s starting to become quite evident that the next step in Galchenyuk’s play is going to come with him at centre. Which means the Habs are going to have to decide what to do with the rest of their centres sooner, rather than later.

What would you do with Plekanec, Desharnais and Eller if room has to be made for Chucky down the middle?

Kyle (@kyleroussel) – This is going to be the hot-button issue, and for me the obvious fix is the hardest to pull off: move Desharnais.

Sure Plekanec is getting older and has value on the market, and a smart GM moves his assets before their value plummets, but can you imagine this Habs team without him? The time will come to move Plekanec, but if the Habs have aspirations to advance beyond the first round, then they need Pleky.

Eller may one day be a savvy enough player to inherit his role, and I believe he’s on his way, but I don’t think he’s there yet…at least not yet to the point where Plekanec is expendable. Galchenyuk, Plekanec, Eller as your top 3 centres is ideal in my world. The hard part is finding a taker for Desharnais, but if Bergevin found homes for Bourque, Moen, Briere and Cole (bad contracts one and all) then I’m sure he can move wee Davey.

Zach (@ZachVanasse) – Can’t see another smart way around it. Desharnais is the piece that should move, however, will also net the least in return. I think running down the middle with Galchenyuk, Plekanec and Eller is a pretty formidable three-piece and one the Habs can take the next level.

I’m not as down on DD as some out there are. However, I do tend to believe Lars brings more to the table as a player. The one caveat here is Lars will also net you more in return than Desharnais.

Could you talk me into moving Eller and keeping DD as the third line centre? Yes, but only if the return on Eller was too good to pass up.

Steph (@stephdarwish) – I’m willing to bet a large sum of money that there will be no trade and that Galchenyuk will simply be moved back to the wing. Sven will be given a solid handshake and a thank you, as he is the odd-man out and will be sent back down.

Maybe come summer there is someone traded out, but not now, at this time of year.